Epigenetics Facility

The Epigenetics Facility provides a variety of research resources and services that include:

  • Nucleic acid extraction and fragmentation
  • Protein-nucleic acid association (ChIP) from tissue and enriched population
  • Quantitative gene expression analysis (qRT-PCR)
  • In situ¬†hybridization detection of transcriptional targets with spatial resolution via RNAscope and Basescope.
  • Targeted DNA methylation analysis in specific genomic loci of interest,
  • Next generation sequencing library preparation (RNA-seq and ChIP-seq) and Illumina sequencing.

At single cell level, the facility provides resources and services for both microfluidic-based and droplet-based single cell genomics (single cell gene expression, ATAC-seq and Multiome).

The facility also houses a sophisticated flow cytometry cell sorter that is equipped with 4 lasers and capable of detecting up to 11 colors. The sorter allows automated cytofluorimetric analysis and the sterile sorting of specific cell types, with biosafety protection.

Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite

The Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite contains three high-quality sound-attenuating test rooms, each equipped with a video tracking system with multiple arena, multiple body Point, and trial and hardware control modules. This allows the behavioral assessment of a variety of panels of anxiety, depression, learning tasks, and automated motor function characterization. The Suite also provides a variety of mazes, optogenetic stimulation tool box, and foot shock chambers for various animal models and behavioral analysis.

All rodents must be housed in ASRC Comparative Medicine Unit for the use of the Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite. All users must have animal use protocols approved by ASRC Institutional Animal Use and Care Committee.